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Cenote Angelita

This cenote has a depth of 180 feet/55 meters, we dive up to 120 feet,/37 meters. This cenote is particular because of its crazy hydrogen sulfur cloud found at 100 feet of depth. The cloud is about 9 feet thick as you enter the halocline. This is one of the most bizarre dives you can do in your life.

☼ Level: Advanced

☼ Max Depth: 40m

☼ Distance: 30min drive

There are tons of fallen trees, that rise out of the halocline and a little island with branches and voodoo dolls.

The profile that we do at this dives is 7 minutes at 120 feet, 2 minutes at 90 feet, 3 minutes at 80 feet, 3 minutes at 60 feet, 5 to 7 minutes at 40 feet and 5 minutes at 20 feet (average total time is 40 minutes under water).

Divers will notice a couple of stalactites and a swim thru tunnel. With bird bones, branches, and other stuff that has fallen into the cenote. Cenote Angelita is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring dives in all of Tulum.

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