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Cave Experience

Sac Actun

$140 USD / Person / Monday Only

*Please confirm availability with us before paying

The day starts at our tour center in town. We will for all guests with masks, snorkels and fins and life vests if requested then enter our air conditioned brand new 16 seater van and head out to the cenotes.

The day comprises of two beautiful locations.

First we will head to Sac Aktun.

This beautiful underground water paradise is not for the faint hearted. During this unique experience we will snorkel through one of the most beautiful parts of the Mayan underworld. This cave system is decorated with incredible stalactites, stalagmites and formations which will make your jaw drop. These formations have taken millions of years to reach their current size If you are even slightly claustrophobic though, think carefully. There are some dark and scary parts which may be a little challenging.

After this, we will have some snacks and refreshments (provided) then head to the next cenote, Nichte ha.

This cenote is one of the most amazing open water lagoons. Is essentially a beautiful natural swimming pool. It features amazing lighting, crystal clear water and lots of marine life as well as really beautiful pink Lilly pads. A favorite for all.

After our adventure we will head back into town for some delicious Tacos at a local Mexican taco bar

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