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Cenote Adventure Tour

Cenote Adventure Tour

$110 USD / Person


Tax · Bottled Water · Snacks · Snorkel Gear · Entry Fees · 3 Cenotes

*Please confirm availability with us before paying

We will be visiting 3 different cenotes in the area. Guests will free dive, snorkel, cliff jump into 3 distinctly different cenotes on this 4 hour tour. Guests should wear a bathing suit and bring a towel. This adventure departs at 9am from our Tulum office location and returns by 1pm.

Cenote #1

Grand Cenote is a half open and half closed cave allowing bright sunlight to stream through its crystal clear fresh water. The caverns and incredible rock formations could easily be seen in an “Indiana Jones” movie. Snorkelers and free divers will be blown away by the natural beauty of this Mayan paradise.

Cenote #2

In Cenote Zemway, you can jump from the jungle cliff into the turquoise water or swing for a while, either way in Zemway fun is for sure.

Cenote #3

Casa Cenote is a paradise near to the sea, perfect to snorkel and watch some fish and turtles, this waterway is full of mangrove on the outside, and the water is so clear that you can see everything in this magical cenote from the top.

The Cenote Adventure Tour departs from our Tulum office location at 9am and comes back at 1pm

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