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Cenote Pit

Cenote el Pit is located about 5 minutes past Cenote Dos Ojos on the same road. The cenote is in the middle of the jungle, it has nice stairs into the water with a small deck for easy access, it also has a rope for lowering down equipment.

☼ Level: Advanced

☼ Max Depth: 30m

☼ Distance: 20min drive

This cenote is one of the deepest in the area, and is very unique, at the depth of 40 feet. 13 meters to 60 ft/19 meters you can see the Halocline (salt water mixing with fresh water). When you reach the depth of 100 feet/ 30 meters you encounter a cloud of hydrogen sulfur, its like flying through a cloud, the most beautiful and intriguing part of the dive is the way the light penetrates through the cenote, it reaches all the way down to the cloud, a 100 feet beam of light, it lights the whole cavern, where a jumbo jet can fit inside. At the celling of the cenotes you can see many stalactites, making a nice decoration, on the south part of the cenote, you can appreciate how a cascade used to run through there, when the water level was below where it is now.

For this dive the maximum depth is 30m, and you will need to be an advanced diver. If you are not an advanced diver check out our diving and course packages

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