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Dos Ojos

The name Dos Ojos (Two Eyes) refers to two neighboring cenotes which are connected by an extensive series of caves and caverns. Viewed from above, they very much resemble a pair of eyes.

☼ Level: All

☼ Max Depth: 9m

☼ Distance: 15min drive

The caves have a maximum depth of 30 feet/.9 meters, and the water is exceptionally clear. Many bats can be seen flying and resting in the roof the Batcave (as it’s known), a unique area which can be accessed easily. The bats keep the insect population of the cenote at a record low, making it a forgiving, paradise-like location.

At Dos Ojos Cenote we do two dives, the first dive heads along the “Barbie Line” and on this dive you see great light effects as you look towards the entrance. There is a lot of space to swim around huge stalactites and columns. The second dive heads along the “BAT CAVE LINE” this dive is a bit darker. This passages run under a large air dome. We ascend into the air dome where we see a highly decorated cave, with lots of bats hiding between the stalactites

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