Sian Kaán River Float tour takes place 20minutes south from Tulum´s center in the second biggest biosphere in Mexico and also a UNESCO heritage site named Sian Ka’an, meaning in Mayan, place where the sky is born. 

It is a very relaxing tour where you will gently cruise ancient mayan canals in crystal clear waters surrounded by mangroves.

To reach the canals you will ride a boat through 2 amazingly blue lagoons.

What is so spectacular and unique about these canals is the fact that this is all ground water flowing in a light current towards the ocean. This fresh water has been filtered through the limestone and is crystal clear.

This tour is roughly 3-4 hours before starting the river float you will learn about this rich ancient history and also discover archaeological mayan ruins. Once you’ve finished this relaxing experience be ready to try delicious traditional Mexican food.

Taking the Sian Kaán River Float  float with Adventure Tour Center is a great way to discover the hidden treasures of Tulum.