Free-Diving In Tulum

Tulum is a premier stop for visitors who wish to explore the ancient Mayan ruins, interact with various types of wildlife, sample local cuisines, as well as explore the region’s pristine beaches.

The destination is famous for its cenotes with pristine clear waters to let you uncover hidden treasures under those sacred places, as you enjoy your free-diving tour. You can go free-diving in Tulum all the year round.

When can you go free-diving in Tulum?

Tour operators say December to April as the most appropriate months for divers who wish to encounter a variety of aquatic animals while diving. During this time, Tulum’s average water temperatures range from 25 to 28 degree Celsius; a temperature that charms many marine animals.

If you wish to explore Tulum’s iconic cenotes for photography and discovery; May to November would be an ideal period to schedule your trip. During this summer season, Tulum is less crowded, and it enjoys the best water visibility to let you explore hidden treasures in these cenotes.

What are the best sites for free-diving in Tulum?

1. Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote is an excellent destination for amateur free divers. The 8-meter cenote has multiple marine fish species to uncover and outstanding light effects to spice up your diving experience. Furthermore, Casa Cenote has distinct fossils, limestone fissures, and giant corals that make it an excellent site for underwater photography and exploration.

2. Cenote Car Wash

Cenote Car Wash is another excellent free diving destination in Tulum. Car Wash measures 50 meters wide with an average water depth of 3 meters. The cenote is home to submerged trees, botanical gardens, turtles, and schools of fish. Tour experts recommend it to both amateurs and seasoned free divers.

3. Calavera Cenote

Are you looking for a freediving spot that is adjacent to Tulum? If yes, Calavera cenote would be an ideal destination. The cenote has an average water depth of 5-6 meters, making it an excellent fit for beginners. Cenote Calavera boasts green lights that create a stunning effect, magnificent rock formations to view, and coral fossils to uncover.

4. Dos OJos

Dos OJos opens up to over 28 different caverns, a reason why tour experts recommend it to trained free divers. Dos OJos has an average water depth of 11 meters, but some areas can be as deep as 120 meters. It harbors crystal clear waters for relaxed exploration, dancing sunrays that create an amazing visual appeal, and spectacular rock formations.

5. Cenote Angelita

Angelita is famous for its mystical hydrogen sulfate cloud that floats within the cenote. It has an average water depth of 40- 60 meters makes it one of the deepest free diving cenotes in Tulum. Cenote Angelita brags of halocline that separates its waters into two layers, and an island with few trees.

Take Away

Tulum is one of the best free-diving destinations for beginner and seasoned divers who wish to explore the underwater world. It is home to thousands of cenotes with clear waters, fossils, stalagmites, and rock formations for you to explore. You can go free-dining in Tulum at any time of the year.