Cenotes And Underwater Caves are incredible natural water holes that are formed by the collapse of limestone, revealing a whole underground water sistem.

Cenotes mostly have fresh water thats filtered by the earth and limestone therefore the visibility is crystal clear, allowing us to explore the mystery that these ancient water holes may hold. The Cenotes located nearer the coast can also have a combination of fresh and salty water creating an acrylic like visibility called halo-cline.

As these water holes date back to millions of years ago it is very common to see stalagmite and stalactite formations and if lucky remains of fossils.

The Yucatan Peninsula has over 5000 cenotes, whats so fun about discovering Cenotes is that they are all unique and come in many different shapes and sizes, some are Open-air while others can be fully closed.

Cenotes are mostly visited for their natural beauty through snorkelling tours but they are also a ‘huge must’ for divers, as they can discover a whole new world in diving into the underwater caves and cavers.

These incredible underwater cavers and cave sistems remain as sacred places for mayans who used to practice rituals and ceremonies in them. Mayans considered Cenotes a gift from the gods, sacred wells. As a matter of fact, most mayan temples of the Yucatan Peninsula were built around these natural wonders.

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