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Mayan Experience Tour
  • Zip line over the lake
  • Cliff jump into a private cenote
  • Lunch included
$99 USD
Cenote Adventure Tour
  • 3 awesome cenotes
  • Snorkel, free dive & cliff jump
  • Fruit and drinks included
$99 USD
Coba Ruis Tour
  • Climb the Coba ruins
  • Ancient Mayan architecture
  • Lunch included
$120 USD
Muyil River Float Tour
  • Boat ride through Sian Ka’an
  • Float down the river
  • Lunch included
$105 USD

Dive the best Cenotes in Tulum

Dos Ojos

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  • Level: All
  • Max Depth: 9m
  • Distance: 15m

The name Dos Ojos (Two Eyes) refers to two neighboring cenotes which are connected by an extensive series of caves and caverns. Viewed from above, they very much resemble a pair of eyes.

The caves have a maximum depth of 30 feet/.9 meters, and the water is exceptionally clear. Many bats can be seen flying and resting in the roof the Batcave (as it’s known), a unique area which can be accessed easily. The bats keep the insect population of the cenote at a record low, making it a forgiving, paradise-like location.

At Dos Ojos Cenote we do two dives, the first dive heads along the “Barbie Line” and on this dive you see great light effects as you look towards the entrance. There is a lot of space to swim around huge stalactites and columns. The second dive heads along the “BAT CAVE LINE” this dive is a bit darker. This passages run under a large air dome. We ascend into the air dome where we see a highly decorated cave, with lots of bats hiding between the stalactites.

Cenote Pit

Cenote el Pit is located about 5 minutes past Cenote Dos Ojos on the same road. The cenote is in the middle of the jungle, it has nice stairs into the water with a small deck for easy access, it also has a rope for lowering down equipment.

This cenote is one of the deepest in the area, and is very unique, at the depth of 40 feet. 13 meters to 60 ft/19 meters you can see the Halocline (salt water mixing with fresh water). When you reach the depth of 100 feet/ 30 meters you encounter a cloud of hydrogen sulfur, its like flying through a cloud, the most beautiful and intriguing part of the dive is the way the light penetrates through the cenote, it reaches all the way down to the cloud, a 100 feet beam of light, it lights the whole cavern, where a jumbo jet can fit inside. At the celling of the cenotes you can see many stalactites, making a nice decoration, on the south part of the cenote, you can appreciate how a cascade used to run through there, when the water level was below where it is now.

For this dive the maximum depth is 30m, and you will need to be an advanced diver. If you are not an advanced diver check out our diving and course packages

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  • Level: Advanced
  • Max Depth: 30m
  • Distance: 20min drive

Cenote Angelita

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  • Level: Advanced
  • Max Depth: 50m
  • Distance: 50m drive

This cenote has a depth of 180 feet/55 meters, we dive up to 120 feet,/37 meters. This cenote is particular because of its crazy hydrogen sulfur cloud found at 100 feet of depth. The cloud is about 9 feet thick as you enter the halocline. This is one of the most bizarre dives you can do in your life.

There are tons of fallen trees, that rise out of the halocline and a little island with branches and voodoo dolls.

The profile that we do at this dives is 7 minutes at 120 feet, 2 minutes at 90 feet, 3 minutes at 80 feet, 3 minutes at 60 feet, 5 to 7 minutes at 40 feet and 5 minutes at 20 feet (average total time is 40 minutes under water).

Divers will notice a couple of stalactites and a swim thru tunnel. With bird bones, branches, and other stuff that has fallen into the cenote. Cenote Angelita is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring dives in all of Tulum.

Cenote Dream Gate

Dream Gate is part of Sac Actun system, one of the largest underground river systems in the world.
The depth of this cenote is 30 feet/ 9 meters,
Dream Gate is known for it winding labyrinth of decorative caverns. It’s spectacular formations of stalactites, stalagmites, and columns will amaze you. Cenote Dream Gate is the subject of many documentaries and must-see for divers from around the globe.

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  • Level: We need to check your buoyancy before
  • Max Depth: 9m
  • Distance: 15min

Casa Cenote

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  • Level: All
  • Max Depth: 8m
  • Distance: 10m

Casa Cenote also known as Cenote Manati connects one of the longest underwater rivers systems in the world to the ocean. Casa Cenote gives you a completely different feel. You are now diving below the jungle, with mangrove roots as the ceiling. Along the bottom is there are huge rocks covered in mosses and green algae.

Here there is also a halocline, as the fresh water flows out of the river system and the salt water flows in from the ocean, because of this we have a lot more fish life. This dive has a maximum depth of 8m. There is also a large open water area and is great for the PADI Open Water Course and PADI Discover Scuba Diving.

Dive Options

Advanced - Cenote

  • One tank Angelita + One tank Cenote Calavera

    $170 USD
  • One tank Angelita + One tank Cenote Carwash

    $170 USD
  • One tank Dos Ojos + One tank The Pit

    $170 USD
  • Two tanks Dos Ojos + One tank The Pit

    $180 USD

Open Water - Cenote

  • One tank Casa Cenote + One tank Calavera

    $140 USD
  • One tank Casa Cenote + One tank Tajma-Ha

    $140 USD
  • One tank Dreamgate + One tank Tajma-Ha

    $150 USD
  • One tank Calavera + One tank Tajma-Ha

    $150 USD
  • Two tanks Dos Ojos

    Two tanks

    $160 USD

PADI Courses

  • Rescue

    3 days

    $400 USD
  • Advanced

    2 – 3 days

    $400 USD
  • Open Water

    3 days

    $400 USD
  • Discover Scuba Dive

    1 day

    $100 USD
  • Refresher

    1 day

    $60 USD

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